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  • Design goal: As Tim Brown mentions, strive to make products that are Desirable, Viable & Feasible


Welcome to my space.
Hope you take away something inspiring!

I graduated in May 2018 with a master's degree in Interaction Design from Carnegie Mellon University where I had an incredible time delving into topics around user research, UX design, social innovation, sustainable design, artificial intelligence, inclusivity, and learning experience design amongst other things.

Skills: UX design, User research, Design Strategy, Storyboarding, User flow mapping, Wireframing, Digital prototyping, Visual design, Motion graphics

Past experience: Branding, Visual design extension, Communication design, Environmental graphics, Packaging, Signage

Category experience: Hospitality, Consumer Goods, Automobile, Transit systems, Start-ups

My outlook on design is an amalgamation of my experience of working in various disciplines. I bring with me a robust design methodology, experience in project management, willingness to pursue new ideas & an eagerness to excel.

Lifelong Learner | Happy Organizer | Resourceful | Forever Curious

I'm currently based in Houston where I am working as a UX designer at OpenStax. If you find my work interesting and something to share, I'd love to chat. devikakhowala@gmail.com