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  • Design goal: As Tim Brown mentions, strive to make products that are Desirable, Viable & Feasible


Welcome to my space.
Hope you take away something inspiring!

I graduated this May with a master's degree in Interaction Design from Carnegie Mellon University where I had an incredible time delving into topics around user research, UX design, social innovation, sustainable design, artificial intelligence, inclusivity, and learning experience design amongst other things.

Skills: UX design, User research, Design Strategy, Storyboarding, User flow mapping, Wireframing, Digital prototyping, Visual design, Motion graphics

Past experience: Branding, Visual design extension, Communication design, Environmental graphics, Packaging, Signage

Category experience: Hospitality, Consumer Goods, Automobile, Transit systems, Start-ups

My outlook on design is an amalgamation of my experience of working in various disciplines. I bring with me a robust design methodology, experience in project management, willingness to pursue new ideas & an eagerness to excel.

Lifelong Learner | Happy Organizer | Resourceful | Forever Curious

I am super excited to get back to work with my next team and create some kickass products. If you find my work interesting and you feel that we’d do great together, I'd love to chat. devikakhowala@gmail.com

I'm currently available for full-time, freelance, and contract opportunities. Although I'm based in Pittsburgh/Houston, I am open to re-locating.