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Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to aid Learning


OBJECTIVE: Design a product, service or solution that demonstrates the value and differentiation of AI in learning, teaching, and education.

SOLUTION: An AI-empowered learning tool for International students to ease their transition to America. 


DURATION: 4 months (Ongoing)

TOOLS: Google Sheets, Illustrator, Keynote

SKILLS: Territory map, Stakeholder map, Stakeholder Interviews, Survey, Exploratory and generative Workshops, Storyboard, Speed dating


NAYA is an intelligent networking platform that leverage AI to connect incoming students and facilitate bidirectional cultural learning through person to person conversations.


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Creates expectancy of a positive social experience and cultural learning with their classmates.
The naya on boarding experience is the first interaction users have with Naya, and we wanted to set the tone for the rest of the experience. We run through a bit about what naya does, have users fill out their profile (which is used for matching), and provide some context for the nada experience. We don’t explicitly state the goal of cultural learning, but we frame the experience of joining their cohort as one where they will be apart of an international community where they will be learning from one another.

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Naya - Bot Assistance

Provides a unified resource for students to access needed information.
Next, when an incoming student needs some logistical information about the university, like when immigration papers are due or when to submit financial aid forms, they can ask naya bot, a chatbot that acts as a unified resource for all university information. This logistical information supplements the cultural learning happening on the platform.

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Remove implicit bias in connections and initiate relationships between international and American studentsProvides Anonymized matches | Connections based on mutual interest
Matching is a way to foster connections between incoming students. With matching, our goal is to try to remove the bias of only connecting with people that look like you, or are from the same country as you. So, to combat that bias we provide anonymized matches, so users only see a brief bio and the interests of the match before they connect. Only after they have connected are they able to see more detailed information about the person.

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Encourage international and American students to talk about topics that foster bidirectional cultural learning. On one side, So we use suggestion chips, to encourage them to ask theses questions to the other person, so the chat intervention doesn’t necessary break the conversation, instead, it facilitate both of users to ask more questions and exchange cultural knowledge

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Allow users to save and review information to refer to later.
We also allow users to bookmark the conversation that they find interesting or useful for later review. We can go to the message saved, and see all those interesting cultural topics, we also use AI automatically categorise the conversation into different topics, so it becomes easier to refer, and carry on that knowledge into their daily life.



Read a more detailed process on our Medium Publication.



Defining the Research Territory

This projects explores the future of learning in Artificial Intelligence enabled environment. We narrowed our scope to focus on cultural learning for immigrants. My team comprised of two international students and two first-generations Americans. Our experiences of moving to a new country made this a natural choice for us to make. We were curious to explore if and how the evolving technology could be leveraged to aid the acclimation process.

Immigrating to a new country is a rich, immersive, but often an emotionally taxing experience with a steep learning curve. Especially for those starting new jobs or school in an unfamiliar country, there is a lot that has to be learned very quickly.

In addition to hosting refugees and international students attending its many universities, the tech industry and growth of Pittsburgh has brought more immigrants to the city over the past few years. This provided us with a great opportunity to learn the nuances from the immigrants and co-design with them.


Territory and Stakeholder Map

We collected our ideas and assumptions of what immigrants need to learn and how they learn to adjust to a new cultural and social environment. Then we have brainstormed around what opportunities these areas offer for an AI-based intervention. 



How might we leverage artificial intelligence to aid cultural learning for immigrants in a new country?




The Exploratory research focused on learning more about the immigrating experience to America from the real 

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