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I am Devika (They-We-Ka) or you can call me Dee :)

I have recently graduated with a master's degree in Interaction Design from Carnegie Mellon where I had an incredible time delving into topics around social innovation, sustainable design, artificial intelligence, inclusivity and learning motivations amongst other things. After working for more than five years, going back to school was a tough but refreshing change. Every day, I learnt something new that redefined my understanding of design and people. #what doesn't kill you makes you stronger

My latest favorite read: Design for How People Learn, Julie Dirksen

Prior to this, in my role as a Senior Designer at Tata Elxsi Limited, I worked in the domains of branding, communication design, environmental graphics, and packaging. I collaborated with interdisciplinary teams—research, service design, user experience and signage—to provide end-to-end solutions to global clients on multi-faceted projects.

My outlook on design is an amalgamation of my experience of working in various disciplines. I bring with me a robust design methodology, an empathetic approach, experience in project management, willingness to pursue new ideas & an eagerness to excel.

Lifelong Learner | Happy Organizer | Shameless Foodie | Resourceful | Forever Curious



Be unpredictable, be real, be interesting.
Tell a good story.
— James Dashner